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Yoga with Divya is known for providing the best yoga teacher training in Goa among all other yoga centers. Goa being the smallest state of India offers one of the best yoga teacher training centers. People across the globe come over here with many dreams of enjoying their life. It is mostly considered as the place which is always crowded and every time you can see a lot of hustle & bustle here. But, apart from these features it also contains places that possess a serene and calm environment which is the most favourable place for learning and practicing yoga. And in a similar place our training center is located. People who come here can easily concentrate on their practice and hence can adopt a healthy lifestyle. There is given training on different hours of training programs.


The 200 Yoga teacher training provided by the Yoga with Divya is among the best trainings in Goa. This training includes a thorough study of yoga, asanas, meditation, and yoga philosophy. It covers each and every important factor related to yoga. People who are dedicated to making their careers in the yoga field must not miss this opportunity of getting trained by the best training center.

We have the yoga gurus who have experience of many years and have trained a number of students in their career paths. The courses provided by us are all registered with the Yoga Alliance and hence you get the legalized certificate to open your own yoga center at the end of the training.

The activities which are included in the 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training are:

  • Asana forms are practiced.
  • Techniques of pranayama are practiced.
  • Practice of meditation.
  • Make everyone to get involved in mantra chanting and kirtan.
  • Yoga philosophy lessons.
  • Ayurvedic activities are introduced to everyone.
  • Students are taught about Yoga Anatomy and Physiology and many more.

  • Why choose us?

    Though Goa is the smallest state it covers a variety of beauty inside it. And therefore there are many yoga training centers located there. We are one of them and provide various yoga courses. We never compromise by doing the hard work and therefore always remain ready for it. We prioritize the comfort zone of our students and hence provide them all the necessary facilities.

    The following facilities are being provided in Yoga with Divya center:

  • Neat and clean accommodation facility.
  • Meals facility for three times per day.
  • Electricity & Water for 24 hours.
  • Make everyone to get involved in mantra chanting and kirtan.
  • Wi-fi service.
  • Tourist spots visit.
  • Happy environment all around and many more.

  • We know that focused study and practice are necessary so as to gain a thorough knowledge of yoga and its courses. So we keep focussing on all the important factors which are a good source of letting everyone learn the things deeply.

    Hence, we have been counted as the best center which provides 200 hours of yoga teacher training in Goa.



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