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Today yoga is considered the most profound activity in surroundings. And hence, most of the people keenly wants to learn and involve it in their daily routine. Yoga has unlimited benefits and hence never makes any person feel regret after practicing it. It has been in the picture for ages and was practiced by the ancient sages. Though it’s an ancient activity still it covers the same popularity among the population. In fact, it is not just considered as an activity to practice but also has become one of the top choices of career. People who wish to become yoga trainers learn and practice yoga and after getting certified becomes eligible to open up their own yoga center and work as yoga trainers.


There are several yoga training centers that give training on different aspects of yoga. We are one of them and are named as Yoga with Divya. Our yoga training center is situated in Goa. Goa comes under the places which are almost crowded with people coming from different areas of the world. Goa contains the majestic mountains of Western Ghats. There is present the thick area of forest and fields padded with greenery. This kind of ambiance helps in the focussed practice of yoga.


We are one of the best Yoga Teacher Training Centers in Goa. We provide yoga teacher training which includes each and every important aspect of yoga & hence helps the students to become the perfect yoga trainer. We have a team of best yoga trainers who have vast experience in the yoga teacher training field and have trained many students before. We deal with every kind of style of yoga,i.e. Traditional as well as Modern. There is an available variety of yoga teacher training in Goa like 200 hours of training, 300 hours of training, etc. The environment at our center is familiar with all the students so as to make them comfortable. The Yoga Teacher Training courses provided by us in Goa, all are Yoga Alliance registered course. The yoga trainers at the center always create an interesting environment for the students so that they can understand each and every concept deeply.



  • Our Yoga Teacher Training Center in Goa focuses not only on the practice of yoga courses but also gives equal importance to the theory part because it helps in the deep understanding of the concepts of yoga.
  • Our center is located far away from noise pollution, air pollution which automatically helps the person in adapting the yogic lifestyle.
  • We provide the best accommodation facilities.
  • Meal facilities.
  • WI-fi facility.
  • Entertaining outing trips on weekends.
Therefore, if you are a yoga freak and are keenly interested in making yoga as your bright career then you can definitely join Yoga with Divya and can get the best Yoga Teacher Training in Goa.



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